Immerse yourself to experience the Nepali live music in Hurstville at Nimto’s backyard. At our Nepali restaurant, we believe that music transcends boundaries and creates memorable experiences. Get ready to groove to the tunes of renowned Nepali artists like Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Mantra Band, and talented local musicians, as we turn our backyard into a haven of rhythm and melody.

Unleashing the Musical Vibes:

Step into our backyard oasis and let the melodies transport you to another realm. As the sun sets and the evening unfolds, our stage comes alive with the electrifying performances of acclaimed artists. Feel the energy surge through your veins as Neetesh Jung Kunwar mesmerizes the crowd with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Lose yourself in the hypnotic beats of Mantra Band, known for its captivating fusion of traditional and contemporary Nepali music. And don’t miss the chance to discover talented local artists who infuse their own unique flavor into the mix.

A Night to Remember:

Beyond the captivating music, our backyard ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Surrounded by lush greenery and under the starry sky, you’ll find yourself immersed in a truly magical atmosphere. Indulge in delectable Nepali cuisine and refreshing drinks as you sway to the rhythm. Our friendly staff ensures impeccable service, making your night even more enjoyable.

Join the Celebration:

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable night out, our live music events in Hurstville are not to be missed. Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for upcoming artist announcements and event dates. Gather your friends, bring your dancing shoes, and be a part of the vibrant celebration of music and camaraderie.


At our Nepali restaurant, live music in our backyard creates a unique and immersive experience. It’s a celebration of culture, music, and the joy of coming together. Join us in Hurstville as we unleash the rhythm, ignite the atmosphere, and create memories that will resonate in your heart long after the music fades.

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