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The Invitation

Welcome to Nimto’s Student Discount – the place where घरको खाना meets Affordability!

We’ve been serving delicious Nepali Khana since 2018, and we want to make it easier for students to enjoy our mouth-watering Thakali and Biryani dishes even with a tight budget. With our exclusive student discount, you can now indulge in our authentic Nepalese cuisine at a discounted price of 20%!

You can enjoy our delicious food at a discount of 20%. So whether you’re in the mood for Thakali or Biryani, Nimto is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings without putting a dent in your wallet.

Why choose Nimto

Discount for Students

Quick and accurate service by a passionate team

Fresh and hygienic ingredients for healthy and delicious food

Nepalese ambiance that makes you feel at home

Discount for Students

Nimto Special Thakali Khana




How to get Discount

Applying for the discount online

Visiting our restaurant